26 May 2007

To the Wrens: I was wrong!

To the Wrens: I was wrong!
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This is the story of a near tragedy. This nest was inside a fold up camping chair on the covered porch. After the big freeze at Easter,the parents (Wrens) seemed to abandon the nest. I watched and watched for days and days -- nothing, they never visited that I saw, whereas I'd seen the Mom on the nest nearly all the time pre-freeze.

So after many days of watching, I took the nest out to the wooods(to leave it there and reclaim the lawn chair) but photographed it first by placing it in a pretty evergreen. I had no more than walked back to the house when THERE were the parents -- very upset! I ran back out to the woods, retrieved the nest and replaced it in the chair. The parents started minding it again, hatched out three babies and raised them up successfully. Close call and taught me my lesson -- don't mettle!

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