17 August 2008

Larrapin Mid August

We've been creating the Larrapin landscape for three years now and it was only when I looked back at the pics we took when we purchased the house did I realize how far we've come in three fast years. When I add in the facts of our one to two inches of topsoil over a gravel/clay mix, then I realize that these gardening methods I've learned from my many teachers really, really work!

Here's the front of the house the day we bought it:

And three years later:
after photos

Here's the side yard the day we bought it:
The dirt gash you see in these pics is where the owner had just installed county water in addition to the (very deep and productive, but slightly-sulphur-smelling) well we use for the garden now.

Here's the side yard now:
after photos 2008

Here's the front yard, future site of Larrapin Garden in August 2005:

And Larrapin garden in August 2008:
after photos 2008

Now I can't claim credit for *all* the increase in green, because this year we had already reached the year's average total rainfall by mid June...while in 2005 the area was in a drought...

Am I ever glad we took those "before" pics just so I can see our progress! I can see a productive, mostly edible, naturally grown, wildlife & bird friendly landscape inspired by many garden teachers and (recently) the ideas of permaculture, starting to take shape!

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Back at the Blog!

good garden eating

I took July off from blogging and then August was busier than I expected. But I'm back. We've been doing a lot of good eating around here! The meal above was the first one we had that was completely from the garden: green beans, red potatoes, fresh corn, and purple hull peas!

This summer we've had green beans by the bag, purple hull peas -- our favorite, feta-chard quiche, some delicious tomatoes (though not as many as usual due to all the rain), the amazing Ambrosia cantaloupe, more bell peppers than we can eat so many are going to the freezer for winter cooking, loads of onions from the spring still in storage, and corn (pictured here as an Indian inspired spicy corn -- I'll share the recipe -- if anyone would like it just leave a comment).

Glad to be back!