24 March 2007

Lovelorn Roadrunner...

Arkansas is the first place I've ever lived with Roadrunners and I have to say I never guessed they'd be an everyday presence around the house. Last year "Randy," a fairly large male, made regular appearances, with gifts of dead lizards or in a pinch, a stand-in leaf, in his beak. He'd dance in front of the picture windows for the dachshund. We thought he was just dancing for his reflection.

This picture seems to prove otherwise. This is "Ricky" who we guess to be Randy's offspring. We are not sure he's too bright since he's courting two male dachshunds up close and personal now. After this food offering ritual, Ricky proceed to jump the fence, dash across the pen (weiners in hot pursuit) then fly out of the pen -- kind of playing "chicken" with the weiner brothers it seemed. He did this several times and the dogs nearly lost their minds. Of course they couldn't catch him.

Worse yet, Ricky has courted our big dog without a fence between them. More pics of that later. Here's hoping Spring brings Ricky a more suitable bride!

18 March 2007

First Butterfly of the Season

Followed this beauty all over the yard to get a portrait! These are the little blue flowers which are everywhere this year ...still don't know the name.