13 April 2008

I've been in Austin, Texas...

Wow, the Texas hill country -- and the bluebonnets -- was everything
I'd always heard! Pics and tales to come... Now here's one sure way
to discourage thieves from getting in your window!! I was in Austin
the same weekend as the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling, but I was
traveling with a group of (non-garden-blogging) friends so didn't get
to hang out with the SpringFlingers. But we did a lot of garden touring
regardless! Please stay tuned! L.

(While I was away, seemed to have lost my Blog-legs and it took me about six tries to get this photo and text up at the same time! Sometimes I wish Blogger would make it really possible to email photos to the blog so I wouldn't have to email photos via Flickr... But since Bloggers photo emailing never seems to work for me..I'm sure glad that Flickr makes it possible. Ok, enough tech whining... out to the garden to see how the baby kale, spinach and peas are faring!)