11 May 2008

What is Happening with Spring in Northwest Arkansas??

I've waited and waited for the perfect day to FINALLY plant my darling baby tomatoes but I'm not sure that even today -- May 11th -- is the right day. I've heard it's going down to 35 tonight! What's with these spring temps? (Nevermind the floods, thunderstorms, windstorms and tornadoes in the region lately...) I feel a bit silly complaining about such minor inconveniences when the news around the state and region is so frequently dire, as in the last round of tornadoes yesterday in Missouri and other parts of Arkansas.

The pic above is from back in late March, when I was busy planting the broccoli plants that are, despite all aforementioned weather issues, now sporting beautiful sprigs of eating-size broccoli heads. This wheelbarrow is a farm family member. It was a gift from the artist Peg and the poet Genie many years ago in North Carolina. That's duct tape strengthening one handle. The tire is the new never-flat kind -- which are completely worth the expense, I will add. The old gray wheelbarrow is even more than she used to be! Thanks Peg and Genie!