28 May 2008

Garden Walk - May 27th

I was blog-visitng over at My Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoyed how the writer described her daily photo walk in her garden. Thus inspired, I waited for a break in the rain (I think we're about 16 or so inches ahead of normal so far this year with total rainfall usually averaging only 46 inches!) to go out for a photo stroll in the yarden. These are some veggie garden snapshots:

May 27th in the Garden (2008)

Above, the Blue Lake bush beans are just at the stage the rabbits like them. (Got to get that little rabbit fencing up for them...)

May 27th in the Garden (2008)

This is the Kale & Snow Peas bed. The kales are Blue Curled Scottish and Ragged Jack (Red Russian - in top right of pic). Ragged Jack is a lot sweeter and next year it's my choice. We stir fry/saute our kale with just a bit of olive oil and garlic and it is so very delicious that way - and so wonderfully green. We've eaten bundles and bundles out of this bed already and it's still full.

The peas are Oregon Sugar Pods. Very productive! Not as sweet, nor as finicky as our favorites, Sugar Snaps.

May 27th in the Garden (2008)

Here's the former Pea & Spinach bed, cleared yesterday of the bolting spinach. The peas are still going strong. I'll put bush beans in now, since I have the handy leftover stick fence for rabbits...

May 27th in the Garden (2008)

I love beets! I never plant enough. These are in bad need of thinning & eating the thinnings!

May 27th in the Garden (2008)

This bed of broccoli (underplanted with a small romaine lettuce) is nearly done. It was so lovely. There are a few red cabbages in there, but they are looking a little puny. I need to whip up a tonic for them...

May 27th in the Garden (2008)

And in the midst of our bounty, here's a future bounty for butterflies, more of the Tropical Milkweed I so adored last year and wrote several posts about under the Butterfly label.

May 27th in the Garden (2008)

This bed has Swiss Chard (also in need of thinning -- Hello, my name is Leigh and I'm an over-planter....but wait, we almost always get to eat the thinnings too...or if we don't the chickens get to...) on the end, Chinese cabbage (Joy Choi) in the middle and some more broccoli toward the right. The Joy Choi is amazingly productive and quick to reach eating size. We had a big one last night stir fried with mushrooms and it was YUMMY. I may go chinese on my cabbage choices from now on...

May 27th in the Garden (2008)

My tater row. Or one of them. This one was planted late b/c the other row got hit hard by a late frost. But then the frost-hit row regrew -- or about every other one anyway, so the row has big empty places. Hmm, what could I plant there?

Thanks for joining me in the garden walkabout in late May. My garden is a bit behind a lot of my neighbors b/c I'm always slow to figure out when and where I want to plant things. But wow, we are doing some good eating out of this garden. More about that next post!


beckie said...

Leigh, what a lovely garden you have. Your veggies all look so good and I'm sure you are enjoying them. Nothing's as good as home-grown-fresh. Your tropical milk weed is one they call butterfly plant here and I have been trying to grow it for 2 years. The one I bought last year didn't survive the transplanting. This year I started several from seed and transplanted them into several spots. So far they are alive, but not growing very well. I have my fingers crossed. The walk was lovely. Thank you.

Cheryl said...

What a fabulous selection of vegetables.....as someone who does not eat meat, veggies are very important and I love cooking.
I am ashamed to say I do not grow many vegetables here. I tried the first two years but lost so much to rabbits I became fed up with it.
Get most of mine from local farmers, and its good.

After seeing your post you have me thinking I should try again. Project for next year perhaps!!!!