27 May 2008

How many wheelbarrows to plant a tree at Larrapin?

How many wheelbarrows to plant a tree at Larrapin?

Just how many wheelbarrows do I need around here? All three! One to hold the digging tools (which usually includes my first authentic Ozark gardening tool: a prison road crew worthy digging pick and eye protection for flying rock...), one to haul the topsoil to the site from the topsoil pile, and on to hold the enormous amount of leaf mulch!

This is a little pear tree planted about a month ago. If the rain will pass today and I can get out with my camera, I'll do a baby tree progress picture later this afternoon. (That is Glimmer the Golden Locust behind it, confusing the picture.)

My next post will be on the new tree planting technique I learned from my new favorite book on rainwater harvesting. Just my luck, to discover the best drylands water management book ever, during the rainiest year ever in Northwest Arkansas! (OK maybe not the rainiest ever, but sure to be in the rain hall of fame...) More later!


Cheryl said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog. I have just read your header and this appears to be a site I will be interested in.
We seem to have a lot in common.
So many wheelbarrows, I have an enourmous one....you could put your three in mine and still have room for one more.

beckie said...

Hi, found you through your comment at Cheryl's. I have read several of your posts and enjoyed them immensely! Love the name of your garden and what it means. Good luck with your efforts.

A Gardener At Larrapin said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Cheryl and Beckie! It's great to find folks all over the world with this common love of gardens, growing and wildlife. So glad to have you both as visitors.

As for wheelbarrows - I could get away with only two if I just had something to lug all the digging tools and planting potions around to places I'm planting trees or doing work. I still haven't seen the perfect tool caddy invented for gardeners with a ways between plantings!

Thanks again for your comments!