13 June 2008

Good Eatin At Larrapin This Week!

Spring Harvest

These pics are from May 28th - Spring stuff to eat! The strawberries are Ozark Beauty. It's a great variety, but with all the pouring rain we had, they were a bit watered down... Strawberries like everything *just right* to be their best..

Spring Harvest

Broccoli and Oregon Sugar Pod peas. Sugar snap peas, our favorites, are so persnickity that I went with a different kind this year - and wow are they productive. It was nice that they were only about 2 foot high at max and just draped over a tiny garden fence instead of requiring real trellis.

Spring Harvest

Nice group portrait! You know you love your garden when you photograph your food!

Joy Choi

Pak Choi (Joy Choi is the variety) grew so fast a lot of it went to the chickens b/c we couldn't eat it fast enough. I'll have to work out a more gradual planting on this. It was SO much faster than traditional cabbage and delicious in stir fry.

A little tribute to the garden on my way off to work...


Anonymous said...

Hi Green Thumb at Larrapin,
You put us to shame. Can we put a collander full of black-eyed susan's on the table? Liz did harvest poppy seeds yesterday. Maybe we should consider converting one of the flowerbeds to a strawberry patch. We briefly (one year) had a small strawberry patch but first bermuda grass invaded and then a tree grew too much and shaded it. Susan

Cheryl said...

Speaking as a vegetarian that really does look great....I could do a lot with that....Yummmy!!!

beckie said...

I had to smile at your comment about photographing food. But you have every right to be proud. I ove summer and garden veggies. When we had big gardens, oft times all we fixed for supper was fresh veggies. Wonderful stuff! And I agree about the sugar peas- we finally went with a couple of kinds that were bigger producers and were less finicky. Enjoy those stir frys!

A Gardener At Larrapin said...

Thanks for the wonderful words Beckie, Cheryl and Susan. It's so fun to hear from you all.

One thing about trying to grown food: it's given me a REAL respect for the settlers who arrived with some seeds, hunting rifles and some livestock and then made it through the winters! Wow.

As I've told M. after various crop failures, 'well, if we were settlers we'd starve this winter!' Nice to have multiple chances to try again!

Thanks so much for the comments!