10 June 2008

The Best Post I've Seen in a Long Time!

The box turtle above had the portrait taken under the White Oaks. I love box turtles and welcome their visiting and residence on the property. Thought I'd share his/her snapshot...but the real purpose of this post is below.


I love traveling the world via garden blogs. Today I stopped by Our Little Corner of Paradise (a favorite of mine). It's a wildlife garden in Scotland and there I found this amazing 23rd Psalm for Busy People. Give yourself a treat and visit this post.


beckie said...

I've been wondering where you were. No wonder you haven't had time to post in a while. Sounds as though everyone had a good time and for a good cause. Your turtle is cute and I also love turtles. I read the paslm for busy people and it is so true. Weren't her pictures great with the words?! Looking forward to seeing more of your gardens.

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful photo.....lovely box turtle.
I visited the wildlife gardener when she first posted that.....it is worth a view without a doubt.

A Gardener At Larrapin said...

What a treat to hear from you both! Yes, her post really raises the bar on how inspirational a garden (and blog) can be!

Thanks so much for dropping by after my long absence!