30 March 2008

In case you doubt it's been raining here...

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This is one of the new pots I bought for dwarf figs on the patio. Obviously I haven't removed the plug from the drain hole and it was sitting underneath a place where the gutters overflow if it's raining hard. This pot is thigh-high on me and it filled with water just from the thunderstorm last night. The ground is muck, the grass is greening and the farm ponds in the area are very, very full. Unfortunately, all this rain is exactly what the folks downstream don't need at all right now. I was startled to read in the paper that nearly half the counties in Arkansas were declared disaster areas after the recent flooding (ours wasn't among that group). But this explains why out of state friends and even out of the country friends called last week to "make sure we were ok." It's a good feeling to have people checking on your well-being! My thoughts go out to those folks who were not so lucky.

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