10 January 2009

Back to the Larrapin Blog 2009!

Well after a long holiday season of work, projects, more work, and the holdays, I'm back to posting here on this blog! I missed it. Knowing I'm committed to posting once a week gets me out taking pictures more often. This morning I was trying to get some good shots of the chickens (those will post later) but when I came back in, we saw this cutie on the pine tree outside the kitchen window.

The bird book says he's a juvenile yellow bellied sap sucker. He was busy pilfering the stashes of seeds and suet that the nuthatch hides under the pine bark...

With the weather cold, we're seeing every kind of woodpecker with the notable exception of a red headed woodpecker. Even though the bird book says they range here, we've never seen one here at Larrapin (yet).

Happy 2009 from the folks and critters of Larrapin Garden!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Wow! You got several great shots of that yellow bellied sap sucker. What a beautiful bird! May 2009 bring a red headed woodpecker to your garden as well.