17 August 2008

Back at the Blog!

good garden eating

I took July off from blogging and then August was busier than I expected. But I'm back. We've been doing a lot of good eating around here! The meal above was the first one we had that was completely from the garden: green beans, red potatoes, fresh corn, and purple hull peas!

This summer we've had green beans by the bag, purple hull peas -- our favorite, feta-chard quiche, some delicious tomatoes (though not as many as usual due to all the rain), the amazing Ambrosia cantaloupe, more bell peppers than we can eat so many are going to the freezer for winter cooking, loads of onions from the spring still in storage, and corn (pictured here as an Indian inspired spicy corn -- I'll share the recipe -- if anyone would like it just leave a comment).

Glad to be back!


jenae123 said...

Wow that looks yummers!

A Gardener At Larrapin said...

Hey! How nice to see my youngest Sister visiting the garden blog! I'll put up the corn recipe soon. My friend Jane called to ask for it, so that's reason enough! Thanks Sis for visiting! Talk to you soon.

Gloria said...

Did I miss the recipe?