03 May 2008

Spinach Fortress: Don't Laugh -- It worked!

The spinach seemed to draw the bunnies as well as the guinea hens (see "Guineas Under House Arrest" below...) so out of desperation one day I put up this stick fence around the spinach and pea bed. You can't see the peas because the guineas had munched them to the ground when the rabbits weren't doing the same. It worked! With the guineas secure in their pen, the fence keeps the bunnies at bay. I think it's kind of cute, so I left it.

We've had several spinach salads out of this bed already. It's spring planted so it's just now getting going really well. Year before last I planted fall spinach and overwintered it -- now THAT's the way to have big delicious spinach really really early! I hope to remember to do it again this fall.


Amy said...

Ingenious! Not laughing at all, that's a really smart idea you had. And rather cute =)

(I'm from blotanical)

A Gardener At Larrapin said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Larrapin! I WILL work for spinach salad! :-)