08 May 2008

New Visitors to Larrapin

These two lovelies are like flying jewels. They are fans of the
mutton suet we've located at the Fayetteville Farmers Market. It's
incredible and the birds LOVE it even birds that aren't usually found on suet feeders.

(And it's nice that it's a sustainable local product.)

Bird Visitors

This cute redhead is a big fan.

Other New Visitors

And this red-all-over lovely (summer tanager?) is also a fan. I
didn't know they would go for suet but *everybody* loves this suet.
This photo is foggy because of the extreme zoom. He was sitting out in
the golden locust and made quite a colorful sight.

Bird Visitors

Here he is, smaller, but better focus.

Best Suet Ever - Summer Tanager Male

And here, gobbling mutton suet...

Best Suet Ever

Here is the tanager's lovely wife, who also has a taste for this amazing suet!
Welcome to the new summer visitors!

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Lwood said...

Wonderful photographs. Keep up the good work!