30 March 2008

Spring Tiptoed In..

2 great iPhotos, originally uploaded by larrapin67.

This photo was from March 4th, but I'm just getting around to posting it. Since then there have been so many projects! New garden beds, new writing on native plants (more about that later), and oh, days and days of deluge and rain here in Arkansas. Lucky for us, we're in the highlands of Northwest Arkansas, and if that weren't enough, we're on a particularly high and dry slope of a flat-topped mountain. It's raining again today, so I'll take this chance to post some things I've wanted to... Thanks for dropping by Larrapin Garden!

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Susan said...

Hi Leigh,
Beautiful photo of crocus! I've been trying to do a blog for the Spinsterhaven newsletter, instead of a pdf. Your blog is much nice than our fledgling blog. Susan