17 August 2007

I'm thinking this is why it's called milkweed!

This is one of the Milkweed seedheads as it opens and releases the seeds with their little flyaway equipment. The fluff feels like silk -- no wonder it's called Silky Butterfly weed!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I *think* that it's called milkweed because of the sap that comes out if you cut a stem... but this frothy whiteness would surely apply to the name, too. :) What a great shot--I have never been able to get such a good look at the silky seedpod through my camera.

Leigh said...

Of course you are right! : - ) When I walked out and saw this explosion of white fluff I couldn't believe it myself. The only reason I got the shot was b/c it happened on a day when it was 100 degrees and not a wind stirring. When I got close to the pod, even my breath caused them to start flying away. Thanks for visiting!