21 July 2007

Know this flower?

Know this flower?
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Did you know an okra bloom was so lovely? This is an Alabama heritage red okra with gorgeous red stems and leaf veins...


Ki said...

Okra, is a relative of the Hibiscus so the flower looks like one. It is quite a handsome plant but I wish the flowers would last longer. I like the purple colored plants better than the green though I've found that the green seems to produce more of the edible pods.

Connie said...

Hi, Stopping by from Garden Voices. I had no idea Okra had such a lovely flower, since I've never grown it. The red stems are pretty as well.

Anonymous said...

it is so pretty. i have never had the plesure of eating okra. someday i will.
You have a nice blog!

Leigh said...

Dear Becky, Ki and Connie,
Thanks so much for your comments. I can report that this particular Okra (Hill Country from Baker Creek Seeds) is really good to eat. Since the pods get big really quick, it helps to like it fried, Southern style. It's been fairly productive, though as Ki points out, not as much as the green. For green okra, Clemson spineless does great here. Last year I ran out of space in the garden and planted some in flower beds for those lovely big leaves. Thanks again for stopping by.