28 April 2007

To the Spring We Lost...

To the Spring We Lost...
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Sorry to keep looking backwards but these were some of the beauties of late March 2007 in Fayetteville, Arkansas before the freak freeze. The pic is what I think of as "oak flowers" -- would those be catkins? -- but they are lovely -- remind me of a bow on a package.

Back to the Kale story (previous post): About five years ago I bought a giant packet of Kale seeds from a farm store in NC. They moved with me and this year I thought I'd just toss them all out on a garden bed and that perhaps a few would grow. WRONG! They all happily sprouted and we'll be eating lots of kale this year. Luckily, it's very frost tolerant and came back after the freeze despite a lot of frost burned leaves. In fact, it's grown twice this big since the pic and we'll be thinning it today and making a stir fry.

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